Who We Are

GCC Education Gate is the first official platform under The General Secretariat of the GCC Chambers of Commerce . In accordance with the wise leadership's directives and in support of the GCC's educational institutions, it was decided to start the first formal national campaign to do so. The GCC's first official body to formally support the development of education in the region via the internet and to align Gulf education with international changes in curricula and teaching techniques. The Online Platform was established to assist educational institutions in reaching more than 1 million Gulf residents who are of school age or older with their services. 20 million parents permit their children to visit the institutions of higher learning and the degree of certification at the international level, but also to provide applicants with the option to submit an online application after investigating their services, initiatives, and features. The Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) first official body to formally support the growth of online learning in the region and to harmonize Gulf education with changes in curricula and pedagogy on the global scale. Contact information, a company's logo, website, executive and educational management, a company's location on Google Maps, its vision, mission, and objectives, as well as admissions requests for registration from GCC and Arab students can all be viewed through their account with a username and password. An in-depth description of the institution's activities, curriculum, programs, and courses, along with information on its most significant accomplishments over the previous five years and the advanced educational tools it has employed, as well as the link to the application, submission requirements, and fees. Registration in accordance with the area of education that specializes in it, as well as with local and regional positions, geographic scope, certificates, and programs. A link to the file containing the local and regional certificates, honors, and awards will be publicized on our social media platform.